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Nov 24, 2009 5:00am EST
, about 50 or so for the high. lisa? >> through the rain, brian, we had a car go off the road on the inner loop at central. but they've managed to take care of that and get it out of the way. if you leave in the next five or so minutes you'll see a few burning flares left on the road. visibility is going to be very poor. no major problems to report as you see in the camera in maryland. nice run on 66. 95, 395 and in the district. we'll come back with more, but right now we go to news with alison and doug. >> lisa, thank you, very much. this morning a warning for families with young children. >> the government has issueed the largest crib recall in american history. it effects more than 2 million of these dropside cribs made by stork craft manufacturing. the experts say the cribs pose a successful indication hazard and at least four children have already died. courtney robinson is on your side with what you need to know about these hidden dangers. >> good morning alison. this is certainly a scary thing the hardware deforled, the gate can be installed upside down and can lead not just to inj
Nov 13, 2009 6:00am EST
starts tomorrow. back to lisa in a second and adam but first back to doug and alison for the latest on issues out there because of the weather. >> indeed, brian, our top story traffic alert for beltway drivers. >> right now three lanes open. one still closed. the situation began 24 hours ago when a water main break and heavy rain flooded lanes. crews worked around the clock do try to fix this broken pipe. live in mayorfield with more on situations as it stands. matt, good morning. >> good morning. the situation as it stands, volumes increasing and traffic slowing on the the inner loop. take a look at the highlights coming towards us, the inner loop, three lanes getting by us. the right lanes closed as they continue to work to repair the problems created by the broken water main. as far as water main itself goes, it's 10 inches and iron and they have decided really just to cap it for now and come back and repair it fully later as part of the hot lanes project on the beltway. could be a while before they get that done, but the immediate repairs have been a mess because of the weather,
Nov 22, 2009 12:00am EST
>> larry: tonight, patrick swayze's wife, lisa niemi, on her husband's last days of courage and love and torment, battling a deadly disease. she says cancer took his life but didn't beat him. his brother donny's here, too, revealing the true bravery that only swayze's family saw. and then harry connick jr., triple threat. on stage, on screen, and in everybody's cd player. the crooner is here with the megaproducer clive davis. plus jenny stepanek, mother of one of our favorite guests ever. all next on "larry king live." actor patrick swayze died in september at the age of only 57 almost two years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he was married to lisa niemi for 34 years. she is a dancer, actor, director, producer and co-author of "the time of my life," written with patrick. we welcome her to "larry king live" with patrick's younger brother and amazing lookalike, donnie, who's also an actor. he just completed a western in which he plays a villain there. there was nothing villainous about the swayzes. i had the pleasure of knowing patrick. patrick was scheduled to
Nov 21, 2009 9:00pm EST
, patrick swayze's wife, lisa niemi, on her husband's last days of courage and love and torment, battling a deadly disease and torment. she says cancer took his life but didn't beat him. his brother, donny, is here, too, revealing the true bravery that his family saw. larry connick jr. the crooner is here with the megaproducer clive davis. plus jenny stepanick, mother of one of our favorite guests ever. all next on "larry king live." >> larry: actor patrick swayze died at the age of 57, two years after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he was married to lisa niemi. she is actor, director, producer and dancer. she is the author of "the time of my life." donny is here. he completed a western where he is a villain. there was nothing villainous about the swayzes. patrick was scheduled to be on the show the night he went to the hospital with pneumonia. you look up the word special in the dictionary and you get patrick. how did you write it. >> i was bothering before that putting down his thoughts in a book. i'll get a video camera, you just talk. i'll record it. a lot of it is recording
Nov 7, 2009 7:00pm EST
, inside the michael jackson case. and aphrodite jones, author of "michael jackson conspiracy." plus lisa bloom, an anchor on the legal network in session. lisa, what do you believe are the biggest lessons we can learn from the michael jackson trial? >> i think there's no question that his celebrity status and what led to his acquittal in part. because we know from some of the jurors who were interviewed afterwards that back in the jury room during the deliberations some of the jurors said, we can't convict my michael. not my michael. my michael could not have done this. you know, we have celebrity culture in this country that's almost like royalty. there are certain people who are above the law, and i think in the michael jackson case, the celebrity status is what put it over the top. yes there were other factors, but none as big as the celebrity factors >> but aphrodite jones, i have to say i sat there along with you and diane ands conspiracy aspect of this case made my head explode. i couldn't make head or tails of it. they're keeping the whole family hostage. meanwhile they're getting
Nov 5, 2009 6:00am EST
will talk to adam in attendance. let's first talk to lisa. breaking news on the beltway. >> that is right. two tractor trailers collided this morning on the inner loop at st. barnabas road. one is on its side. the other were ripped open just like a can opener. we will show you have video of this crash. inner loop at st. barnabas road. you will not be able to exit from saint barnabas road. drivers coming out of waldorf to access the beltway is a better right. i have a change in this accident. you are looking at video. the move everything onto both shoulders to allow traffic to travel through the area. you'll find it extremely slow leaving andrews to get towards st. barnabas road. we have problems in montgomery county with traffic signals. let's go to the news desk with that. >> thank you. >>> pamela brown is live in bethesda. >> last night, so many headaches for drivers. >> we just spoke to transportation officials. despite technicians' best efforts, the system is not yet up and running. this morning's rush look a lot like it did yesterday. newschopper 7 showed just what can happen with a
Nov 13, 2009 5:00am EST
on that as well. alison and doug back over to you. >> lisa? >> no change on the inner loop and the beltway. yesterday there was a water main break and seems to still be the scenario. three lanes to the left will get by, the far right transition lane will remain closed as they take care of the water main break. the outer loop of the beltway was closed at connecticut avenue as they moved crash out of the way. the highlight ins this camera just getting pasthis wreck. so expect toofed lineup early near holery cross to head to the mormon temple. back to the fuse desk. >> a traffic alert for beltway drivers. >> right now three lanes are open but one is still closed that the hour all because of a water main that broke 24 hours ago. crews worked around the clock to fix the broken pipe but now we have word that they may replace it as opposed to just fixing it. sounds like a mess out there, matt. >> well, it was a mess certainly yesterday. terrible, terrible traffic situation. it's still early in the rush hour right now and it's friday so that usually means reduced traffic. you can see the traffic t
Nov 21, 2009 1:00am EST
. and her unprecedented influence and impact and what comes next. suzy or monday, lisa ling and larry king weigh in. >>> also tonight, our 360 special investigation continues. "killings at the canal: the army tapes." what really drove three decorated sergeants to execute four iraqi men? did the army's own rules play a role? were those rules too strict? were they putting soldiers at risk? tonight you can decide for yourself. >>> later, "crime & punishment," a 15-year-old girl fights for her life after being gunned down. her alleged attackers? five other teenagers. what is happening to our kids? >>> first up tonight, oprah winfrey's long good-bye began in the final ten minutes of her show. she told her fans the news that she's ending her daytime talk show 22 months from now in september 2011. >> after much prayer and months of careful thought, i decided that next season, season 25 will be the last season of the "oprah winfrey show." and over the next couple of days, you may hear a lot of speculation in the press about why i am making this decision now. and that will mostly be conjecture. so
Nov 8, 2009 6:30pm EST
, inside the michael jackson case." and aphrodite jones, author of "michael jackson conspiracy." plus lisa bloom, an anchor on the legal network in session. lisa, what do you believe are the biggest lessons we can learn from the michael jackson trial? >> i think there's no question that his celebrity status and what led to his acquittal in part. because we know from some of the jurors who were interviewed afterwards that back in the jury room during the deliberations some of the jurors said, we can't convict my michael. not my michael. my michael could not have done this. you know, we have celebrity culture in this country that's almost like royalty. there are certain people who are above the law, and i think in the michael jackson case, the celebrity status is what put it over the top. yes there were other factors, but none as big as the celebrity factor. >> but, aphrodite jones, i have to say i sat there along with you and diane ands conspiracy aspect of this case made my head explode. i couldn't make head or tails of it. they're keeping the whole family hostage. meanwhile they're gettin
Nov 3, 2009 7:00am EST
has investigated with stunning results. >>> and the time of her life. patrick swayze's wife, lisa niemi on the love story and lessons about grief as she joins us ahead. and it's so good to have you with us. good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this tuesday, november 3rd, 2009. another election day. >> not exactly super tuesday but a few tight races across the country closely being watched for what could be an indication of the country's political mood and the obama administration. >> new jersey and virginia and a special congressional election has vice president biden in a public sparring match with sarah palin. for more to john berman. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, diane. from watertown, new york, where the polls are now open. this is ground zero for one of the most contentious races in the country. it's also the site of the latest debate between joe biden and sarah palin. palin versus biden. sound familiar? no, not a replay of last year but proof that in the final minutes of this campaign the big guns are showing up big time. the neck and ne
Nov 16, 2009 5:00am EST
. some afternoon clouds. high around 6065. what is traffic light on this monday, lisa? >> pretty decent. police are checking for crashed onto 70 southbound between 109 and 121. apparently the vehicles were on both shoulders, but that will cause disruptions. we're not sure of what will happen when emergency equipment arrives. no problems right now along 95. good on 66. overnight construction in tyson will be out of there soon. a nice ride through southern maryland. 228, 220, 50 on a good run. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, community and crisis. >> city leaders are taking action after a weekend shooting leaves a nine year-old dead inside his home. of glenn debts was gunned down on columbia road on saturday night. police are cracking down on the violence. courtney is live in northwest to tell us how they plan to do that. >> this has shocked neighbors. this murder of a nine year-old boy has brought up questions of building security at this apartment building. city leaders say it's unsafe. the city plans to inspect the building to make sure it is secure. officers are looking for t
Nov 21, 2009 11:30pm EST
to the second overtime. pi'm brent musburger with kirk herbstreit and lisa salters. deadlocked at 38-38. you know the rules, if arizona scores here they get back to score the second overtime. >> kirk: i mentioned criner worked to the inside because of the slant. it's taken away. he bounces back to the outside. the ball is perfecy thrown low and away for cline tore make the -pmike stoops loves to see it. e this game up.%g go for one.%- arizona now gets the football. >> brent: why is it necessary to bring the captains back to the % middle of the field, when under the rules, arizona gets the ball at the 25 yard line. >> kirk: it's going to happen one way or another. >> brent: help me with this. is somebody going to change the side of the field or not take it? >> kirk: all i know is, we're in our second overtime late on a saturday night. and the pac-10 championship is on the line as far as getting in the driver's seat to get to potentially a pac-10 champiship. pwe wouldn't want it any other way than a chance to get to the granddaddy of them all, right? >> brent: i have been in three over times b
Nov 26, 2009 5:00am EST
on this thanksgiving morning. doug is off today. lisa is off. we're holding down the fort. >> 50% of the team. >> and the weather. some big-time fog. yesterday we had a little sunshine peek in. did you see it? >> i did. >> let's take a look outside. you can see the washington monument? no, you don't see it. 42 now. 44 in bethesda. the dew point very high. dense fog advisory for the entire area. maybe a few peeks of sunshine for your thanksgiving. rain should hold off until later. not a bad day, all in all, upper 50's. >> ok, brian, thanks. we'll see you in a few minutes. lisa is off on this holiday but if you're headed out to drive somewhere this morning make sure to use caution because of the dense fog. right now we have a report of a crash that is tying up the northbound lanes of route 210 at livingston road. authorities are at the scene. no one was hurt. as we mentioned before it is difficult to even see the roadways. just a few head lictes every now and then. our top story this thanksgiving morning, the first fily's first state dinner has turned into a security nightmare for the secret se
Nov 13, 2009 7:00pm EST
-line. when lisa got home, she was alone. the car was gone. there were no emergency officials and i find out about this hours after everything has happened because no one contacted me. no one knew how to contact me. >> reporter: i talked with oscar garcia with montgomery county fire and rescue and told him what happened. he then visited the family. he answered their questions and gave them what is called a file of life pouch. so in the future firefighters can get emergency contact details more easily. >> in that information packet is the name along with medical information, any allergies. >> lisa says she wants other families to learn from this situation and have a plan in place for everyone in case of an evacuation. in takoma park, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> lisa says when she got home her doors were unlocked and no one around. police and fire officials say that was an oversight. lisa says it will take up to a week before they get the gas and heat back on in the house. >>> rising rates may have attempted you to cancel your credit cards. before you do that, stay with us
Nov 28, 2009 1:00am EST
analyst lisa bloom. good to have all of you with us. fran, i want to start with you. now we have the picture proof of them face-to-face with president obama. so there is no question to how far the unchecked access got them. really to the highest level. how does this happen? and what should happen now to both the salahis and the secret service folks on duty that night? >> sure. you know, erica, what happens is once you come to that initial point that tom foreman mentions, that perimeter point where you go through a magnetometer, once you're through there, nobody really checks you again. the presumption if you got inside the perimeter, inside the white house grounds, you've been cleared. so no one would have checked them again. and so they would have come into the white house. they would have gone up stairs. they would have gone to somebody at a social secretary's desk to get a card before you go in for your photograph with the president. oftentimes there is an administrative slipup. there won't be one. someone will write it out for you. the only purpose is to put the picture and n
Nov 20, 2009 10:00pm EST
. alexander, age 12, monika, 14, and lisa, 15. >> translator: why this man took these three middle children upstairs we'll probably never get a final on that. you can imagine that it was getting a bit crowded. you must have guessed the more prisoners in the cellar the more complicated it became to look after them. >> taking the three middle children upstairs posed problems. how to explain the arrival of the babies? his solution was simple. elisabeth was a bad mother and had abandoned her children. a pattern was established in the middle of the night, a baby would be left on the fritzls' door step with a note from elisabeth, again, a letter the father forced her to write. >> translator: "i'm really sorry that i have to turn to you again. i hope lisa is doing well. she must have grown by now. monika is now 9 1/2 months old. she was breast fed for 7 1/2 months and now eats almost anything but she still likes the bottle best. the hole appetite has to be a little bigger for her." >> when the second baby arrived, the austrian press took note. mark perry covered the case for a local newspaper. >>
Nov 24, 2009 5:00pm EST
sister-in-law jami, my brother john, and my sister-in-law lisa. john: good to have you back again. today, they're challenged by the gingras family. gingras family. >> gingras, yes. john: all right, michelle, it's nice to have you with us. introduce me here to your very attractive family here. >> this is my husband, chris, my brother-in-law brian, my sister-in-law erica, and my sister-in-law april. john: and nice to have you with us. good luck to you. are you ready to play the "feud"? chris and michelle, join me. [cheers] john: all righty. good luck to you. you know the way this game is played. we surveyed 100 people, the top six answers are on the board. what would you do if you noticed your boss forgot to zip up his fly? [laughter] john: chris. >> tell him. john: tell him. just tell him. tell him right out. that's the number one answer. [cheers] john: pass or play? >> we're going to play. john: all right. >> we're going to play. john: michelle, head on back there. all right. all right. one of the most awkward situations there is in an office situation. your boss forgets to zip up his fl
Nov 21, 2009 8:00am EST
. >> here to discuss it is lisa bloom and wendy murphy.i'll macvicar, cbs news. >> here to discuss it is lisa bloom and wendy murphy.l'll macvicar, cbs news. >> here to discuss it is lisa bloom and wendy murphy.a macvicar, cbs news. >> here to discuss it is lisa bloom and wendy murphy. and a professor of forensic science. good morning to everybody. >> lisa i'll start with you. you've been following the case since day one. have the prosecutors prendsented by a stron enough case? >> i don't think so under the american rules. i think the evidence against her is weak. let's start with motive. prosecutors said that her motive for killing her british roommate was severally that her roommate had call her proceed miss could you us. that doesn't sound to me like enough of a reason to stab and murder somebody. it's very rare that a woman would sexually assault another woman. it does happen but it's extremely unusual. that's the claim here. the forensic evidence is weak. overall, i don't think she did it and i don't think the prosecutors have proved their case. >> wendy, as a
Nov 20, 2009 4:30am EST
computer glitch caused the delay of thousands of flights across the united states on thursday. but as lisa stark reports, this is not the first time that such an incident has happened. and there are concerns about how something like this could impact passenger safety. >> reporter: as planes began backing up around the country, on the ground and in the air, the faa scrambled to unravel the glitch in the air traffic control system. >> i just walked in the airport. looked at the board and said your flight's canceled. >> i'm tired and i'm frustrated. >> reporter: no one was going anywhere fast. extensive delays stretched from new york to atlanta to houston. by 1 calculation, the glitch may have caused as many as 2,000 flight delays. the problem began shortly after 5:00 a.m. eastern, when a single circuit board failed in a air traffic control center in salt lake city. it meant controllers around the nation were no longer receiving information about flights electronically. instead, they had to resort to phone calls and manually imputing flight information into their computers. >> you have to typ
Nov 23, 2009 6:30pm EST
. as lisa stark reports it's the latest in a growing list of baby products with safety problems. >> reporter: it's a massive recall, the 2.1 million cribs made by the stork craft company. the cribs are linked to four strangulation deaths. in a side that drops down manufactured from january 1993 until just last month. there's long been safety problems with so-called drop-side cribs, a side that lowers that allows easier access to a baby. >> the hardware can crack. a depression is made in the baby's head. the baby's head gets caught in that depression and the babies can strangle or die. >> reporter: the industry says parents should closely inspect the hardware on any crib. but insisted newer cribs that are properly put together are safe. >> i think that's the classic industry forcing the blame on to the consumer. these are obviously not perfectly safe. >> reporter: in the last five years, there have been nearly 3 million trib cribs recalled for a range of problems. why so much issues? there's a patchwork of standard when it comes to baby products, some are mandatory regulations, but there are
Nov 14, 2009 8:00pm EST
was from nbc's "today" show. let's go back to the lawyers. but first, to lisa lockwood, former police detective, author of "undercover angel." what do you make of this? an entire faked kidnapping where she tried to rip off her husband of $50,000. forget about the two little girls. >> have you ever heard the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" that's what i believe this is about. this is a woman who was after her husband. revenge. >> for what? >> to make him suffer for his affair. >> okay. hold on just a moment. let's backtrack. tell me about the affair. >> he allegedly had an affair before she went into rehab with a spanish woman. and these were written in a few of the letters. it was disclosed that she was envious of this and this is her way of getting the money back. if you watch her physicality and her tonality in those interviews, you can clearly see this is a woman who is extremely calculating and was deceptive. >> you know, that's a really interesting take on it, lisa lockwood. i didn't really put that much stock in the whole theory of the husband's affair. but mayb
FOX News
Nov 3, 2009 4:00pm EST
is traveling with the union workers right now, and she joins me now on the telephone. lisa, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us? >> republicans and democrats, they are doing everything they can to get their voters to the polls. it is a tough race, with john christn corzine and chris chrise trading votes. neil: who brings out their base, and chris christie was reported after he voted this morning in one county that they are coming out in droves, his guys. jon corzine in his camp has been saying effectively the same thing. any indication as to who is bringing out more of their base of >> -- their base? >> it seems to be picking up a little bit, according to the people on the ground, and it is several hours before the polls close. neil: right, lisa, there are several reports that we are getting that the counties that john mccain won in new jersey, largely republican conservative counties in the state, that chris christie is running up a big support there, bigger than john mccain enjoyed their last year. do you know anything about that? >> i do not know about those counties in particular,
Nov 25, 2009 9:00am EST
. >> while at us airways' hub in washington -- >> flight 1825. gate 23. >> reporter: flight attendant lisa scott knows the routine well. what's the secret to staying sane if you're a flight attendant? >> um, yoga. [ laughter ] lots of deep breaths. >> reporter: the airlines anticipate just under 2 million fliers to pass through all the nation's airports today. but the busiest air travel days will be sunday and monday with just over 2 million flyers each day. and 23-year veteran lindwood harris knows what they're thinking. >> they're thinking of that wonderful dinner at grandma's house, their expectations of getting there on time, and most importantly, have their bag arrive with them as well. >> check in early. please plan on arriving at airport two hours ahead. >> reporter: the good news? thanksgiving 2009 looks to be snow and ice-free. >> weather is cooperating, passengers are moving well, and flying's good. >> reporter: you heard the advice there, check in early, and the reason for that is because there are fewer airplanes this year and fewer seats. so, if you miss your plane, if you mis
Nov 10, 2009 6:00pm EST
to the shutdown of nearly one-third of oil and gas production in the gulf. former astronaut lisa nowak pleaded guilty today to attacking another woman in 2007. they had been dating the same man, a former space shuttle pilot. nowak, a navy captain, drove from texas to florida, and assaulted the woman with pepper spray. she also carried a steel mallet, a knife and other articles. under a plea bargain, nowak was sentenced to one year's probation. and still to come on the newshour tonight: finding refuge; health care cost cutting; and watching "sesame street." that follows the latest on the fort hood investigation. gwen ifill has our story. >> ifill: as military and civilian leaders were paying their respects at fort hood today, army major nidal malik hasan continued to recuperate in a texas hospital. he remains the sole suspect in last week's shootings, and investigators there and in washington are stepping up their inquiry into his background and possible motives. joining us for more on that investigation are dana priest, military affairs reporter for "the washington post;" and josh meyer, who c
Nov 2, 2009 5:00pm EST
court" and lisa bloom, legal analyst for our sister network cnn and an attorney as well. they were originally banned from sports for a year. those suspensions reduced, i think they are going to miss a quarter of the volleyball season in exchange for participating in counseling and a public apology to the athletic board. i think they got it right. hopefully the girls will learn something and they won't do it again. your thoughts. >> i certainly think they should learn something. the school is one step in their journey of life. these digital records last forever. anyone who wants to hire them is going to look at these on their facebook pages. the issue is this is a public school. if it were a private school, no-brainer. the school could have done anything they wanted regardless of the time of year, being summer vacation. private schools can be more tricky. the aclu may have something here. >> lisa, let me read the statement. playing sports is a privilege. you are an ambassador to the school. here is what the school is saying. the attorney said about enforcing the athletic code that a
Nov 11, 2009 7:00am EST
to chicago, with 124 unsuspecting passengers on board. lisa stark is in allentown, pennsylvania, this morning, and has the latest for us. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's called from bottle to throttle, the time when a pilot is allowed to have a drink and get into the cockpit. the general rule is 8 hours. united airlines even stricter, ten hours from bottle to throttle. this event apparently happened because a co-worker of this pilot blew the whistle, notified authorities. that started the whole chain of events. united flight 949, with 124 passengers and a crew of 11, was ready to push back from the gate at london's heathrow airport and head to chicago when authorities came on board and removed the pilot from the cockpit. he's been identified as 51-year-old erwin washington, shown here years ago, while in the air force. reached early this morning, a heathrow spokesman nfirmed, the pilot, one of three on board the plane, was given a breathalyzer test. and found to have exceeded the legal limit for pilots in the u.k., which is significantly more strict for driver than
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 6:00am EST
it means. >> are you aware of that? bill: yes. >> lisa paige for 92.3 fm here. your book, ok. could you show -- there is lisa. there is jay-z. ok. lisa went and she -- you can show him signing the book? do you have the other picture? bill: signing bold fresh. bill: does very any clue? >> oh yeah. bill: he knew it was me? >> yeah. peace bill, jay-z. off that. bill: what's off that mean? >> i believe it's off dat. bill: you don't know what it means? >> you won't understand. bill: what are we supposed to think of this guy who does this racial rap at the inauguration and then holds the benefit? what do you say? is he a good guy or what? >> i'm going to come clean with you, bill. i have no idea hot hell this guy even is. bill: i think he is a good businessman. >> yeah, look. i'm tired of the race thing. every time you throw it out meaninglessly. bill: it den greats the real problem. >> yes, yes. ♪ >> you have got to watch this show or your children may be killed by clowns beating them to death with those giant clown shoes. it's an emergency. don't go anywhere. bill: now, beck, when do you
Nov 23, 2009 9:00am EST
on thursday but for some tables and chairs are empty. to make sure this all changes we're going to watch lisa joyner and tim green's new show. it's a new show called "find my family and tim." this show tonight i have a feeling will be a tear jerker gut wrencher, am i right? >> you're like a psyche, jamie. >> most people will cry. if you have any propensity to cry, you'll cry. the great thing about it is it's tears of joy. that's the thing that we love so much about the show, how often do you get to see something so emotional, so wonderful that it actually brings tears of joy to you? >> both of you are adopted? so this is near and dear and when they approached you to do this you both jumped at it? >> i told them i would lay my body in front of a truck if i did not get this job. yes, it's a passion project. don't you think? i mean, this is something we would have done almost for free. >> we both know how much it means when you're conducting a search like this to be able to find your biological parents. and other family members. we know what it feels like. we know how emotional it is. we know a
Nov 18, 2009 5:00pm EST
solution? give me a call. the number, 1-877-586-7297. straight out to my fantastic expert panel, lisa bloom, cnn legal analyst. we're delighted to have brian monroe, visiting professor, northwestern university madill school of journalism. and ken sealy, author of "face it and fix it," as well as tom ruskin former nypd investigator. but we begin with michelle sigona. michelle, what is the very latest? >> the very latest, jane, is more charges were supposed to come down today from investigators. but they're actually waiting until possibly later on this week to figure out which jurisdiction will in fact handle those charges. they're also waiting for the autopsy results to come back from shaniya. she is at the medical examiner's office right now. and they're still trying to piece together this puzzle, because what investigators do know is that when she was last seen one week ago, and that when she was coming out of the hotel in stanford, north carolina, she was alive at that point. so they're trying to put together that time line to figure out who killed her, when she was killed, when her body
Nov 8, 2009 5:00am EST
by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah weiner in for kate amara. our top stories in jome. first a look outside with john collins. >> an indicator, i didn't have to scrape the windshield this morning. temperatures are above freezing, not below freezing. in addition to the chilly air we have, we have a hurricane moving into the gulf of mexico. still the tropical storm and hurricane season. still winter -- hardly winter-like at this stage. we are headed toward spring-like weather. more on that in a mome. as we were yesterday morning, storm-free around the mid-atlantic region. i have had to resort the national radar imaginary to show you where the storms are. a little bit more action in the pacific northwest as yesterday. northern plains. also up in the state of maine and the maritime provinces of canada. here's the rain sorted with ida moving into the gulf of mexico. we'll talk about these weather systems and how at the moment they are not affecting us at all. see you in a few minutes. >> the house of representatives -- >> the ameri
Nov 5, 2009 3:05am EST
just one company makes it. lisa stark has details. >> reporter: with so many children fightg the h1n1 virus, there has been a huge demand for the liquid pediatric version of tamiflu. the government has now released its entire emergency supply. >> one of the reasons to release the stockpile is to make sure that no child is without medicines who needs to have medicines. >> reporter: it's hard to quantify exactly how much of a shortage there is of the pediatric tamiflu. at this maryland pharmacy, they're only able to get enough for about one patient a month. so pharmacists a making their own children's liquid tamiflu by taking the more powerful adult capsules and diluting them. >> this has to be made this way for the foreseeable future. >> reporter: why the shortage of tamiflu? the drug is made by just one company, roche pharmaceuticals. roche didn't invent tamiflu but bought the license to manufacture this now-critical drug. it's become a huge moneymaker. sales quadrupled over the past year. despite the shortage of liquid tamiflu, roche says there are plenty of capsules for both adults
Nov 5, 2009 7:00am EST
what police think happened. abc's lisa fletcher in north dakota with the latest. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. more than 10,000 people drive into water every year. and s many victims drown right in their own neighborhoods, leaving family and loved ones asking, how could something like this possibly happen? remembrances left by family and friends, who gather privately at the chilling scene. tire tracks from the jeep, the only evidence kyrstin gemar, ashley neufeld and afton williamson drove into the pond to their deaths. this stock pond, in daylight, seemingly harmless. any area with livestock, yuld have a pond like this? >> reporter: dug to hold water for cattle, ponds are usually 12 to 16 feet deep, with sleep, muddy sides. >> if a week started going into one of these embankments, would there be a way back out? >> no. >> reporter: a tiny camera captures the impossibly thick water. wh was the visibility like? >> zero visibility. >> reporter: what do you suspect happen? is it a situation by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to get out of it
FOX News
Nov 13, 2009 5:00pm EST
lisa, what we have in america is animal ga mation of people who have joined together as one who have joined together as one, that being americans and when we add hyphenations into that, irrespective, and certainly abbey thurston, i applaud her, a great scholar, but i disagree we are americans and to say it is perfectly ok to interchange one for the other with your color or whether you're black. i'm an american first. when i walked into the studio, i did not walk in as black. i did not walk in as black anything. i walked in as michael, an american. that allows me to become comfortable within myself. i owe no one nothing but myself. did i get up and work today? did i give something to my community? did i do something to enhance what i do, work-wise and so forth. >> others don't say i'm chinese or french american or anything else. glenn: please. >> i want to get to barack. a lot of people voted for barack. i think they didn't vote for him because he was black, because once you become conservative you are no longer black and we know what that's about. glenn: i'm going to come back to you
Nov 3, 2009 9:00am EST
there. we have a great menu. we did fruit kabobs, our quiche is in the oven. in fact lisa, one of the co- owners, lisa, let's check on it. what does it look like? let's get our pot holder. it's baking about an hour and these are our ham and cheese. >> reporter: do you think those look good? >> yah. >> reporter: and moving on to our blue berry pancakes. those are the favorite. everybody, let's give it up for the pancakes. and here is what we have going down. we got the boy pancakes and the girl pancakes. so we'll call these cute cakes and these cool cakes. and you guys are going to lead the way. so start making those. and as we do those, i want to check in with kay quickly. obviously, this has been very popular. what do you think the kids walk away with when they spend a couple of hours here? >> i think they walk away with a appreciation for the kitchen because they see everything that goes into it, not just the cooking but the cleanup. because in between each activity they have to clean up. >> reporter: i can vouch for that. in between they were cleaning. >> so when the h1n1 scare is on,
Nov 19, 2009 6:00am EST
-related. it is from lisa in barryville, virginia. she says, i would like it know how much snow it take to equal an inchof rainfall. for example, two inches of rain would be how much snow? we actually got a similar question from another viewer named meg fetting. the general rule of thumb is that generally speaking, an inch of rain would equal 10 inches of snow. so for every tenth of an inch of rain, that would equal an inch of snow. however, that depend on the type of snow really. we have the wet heavy snows. we have the fine, powdery snow. that can throw the numbers off, correct, tucker? radio very wet snow, the ratio can be about six to one or six inches of snow for anen. of rain. a very dry snow across arctic regions, their ratios can get with a up there, 20, 30, 40 inches of snow for an inch of rain. it depends on how dry the atmosphere is. >> that is hy we say generally speaking. >> a good starting point. >> i believe tucker barnes and i did this last year. as long as we're talking about t we might as well talk about when we think we'll see the first snowfall. >> it is that time of season.
Nov 4, 2009 7:00am EST
want to know just what caused this tragedy that is shaking a campus and a community. lisa fletcher has the latest from dickinson, north dakota. >> i'm kyrstin's father age today is probably the worst day of my life. >> reporter: the outpouring of grief rivaled only by the outpouring of support as this small campus bands together reacting to the shocking news, the tragic deaths of three college softball players. kyrstin gemar, afton williamson and ashley neufeld. >> they were really close. >> ashley loved this school and this was her family away from home. >> reporter: the three best friends went missing over the weekend. the only clue, a frantic distress call to a friend that abruptly cut out. police say the chilling call came from their sinking jeep. they were trapped inside. the friend called 911. police immediately put out a bulletin. >> please be on the lookout for a white 1997 jeep cherokee with california plates. the streak has possibly three female occupants. please check areas around water, dam, lakes and rivers. >> reporter: after nearly two days of massive searches police dis
Nov 24, 2009 6:00am EST
lady laura bush and lisa caputo, they were both involved in the planning of state dinners and tell us why tonight's event is so important and also politically for the white house. >> can't believe the guests are stealing the silverware. >> that's a little tacky. >> take a little glass and put it in your purse. my goodness. >>> a court rules hormone replacement therapy can give a woman breast cancer. why are women taking them? elizabeth cohen looking into the controversy coming up. 45 minutes after the hour. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, jetta, or top safety-rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. i can't believe it. [ whoosh! ] [ humming ] [ engine revs ] ♪ [ tires screech ] [ pen scratches ] i can believe it. yep. [ male announcer ] sign then drive is back. hurry in and get legendary volkswagen value for practically just your signature. ♪ right now 1.2 million people are on sprint mobile broadband. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. 154 are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secr
Nov 4, 2009 7:00am EST
investigative correspondent lisa myers has more on this story. hi, lisa. >> good morning, matt. this is all being driven by public outrage toward bailed-out banks, which in recent months have doubled credit card intestates for millions of americans. what congress is moving to do now would merely prevent further increases on most balances. it will not undo what has already happened. for months now, consumers have been outraged by unwelcomed credit card notices. ed niska just got the word that bailed-out citibank is doubling his rate to 30%. >> it does anger me, because here i am, a citizen, and i helped bail them out. >> reporter: hank parker just got his second interest rate increase this year from citi on the $3,500 he owes. >> i'm getting whacked for 30% on an interest rate? i just -- it just knocked me over. >> reporter: linda and jay gallagher had downsized so they could pay all their bills after their consulting business was hit hard by the economy. then, chase doubled the interest rate on their $5,000 credit card bill to 15%. >> it was an injustic it was a great injustice to us, who w
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